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Pulse* lets you play any musical instrument from one device

Starting a band sounds like a lot of work. As well as buying all the instruments, you have other people to deal with. And without wanting to stereotype, these musicians aren’t exactly the most reliable of people. Instead, get Pulse*, and you can do the whole lot yourself.

Just as one games controller lets you play any game, it promises to be one controller that lets you play any musical instrument. It has four patents pending, and claims to be “faster, more sensitive and more intelligent than any 3D game controller”.

Stern words. The Pulse* consists of a 30x30cm sensor plate that can track 3D movement, pressure, distance, impact, rotation, gestures and objects to give you a huge range of playing styles. You can strike it with a drumstick, strum it with your fingers, push-pull it like you’re scratching a record, even lie down on it if you like (we wouldn’t recommend this last one) and it’ll make a corresponding sound. Before you do, load up the instrument you want to play. You can even wave your hand above it and play the theremin.

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Titan Reality is the firm behind it. It claims that 100 new instruments will be available every month through its Explore* digital platform. There’s no word on whether the kazoo will be among them.

It’s seeking £100,000 on Kickstarter, and has so fair raised almost £5,000. You can get one for £750 on an early bird, with delivery expected in December 2016.