PS4 update 1.75 released, adds 3D Blu-ray support and more

Sony has released the latest PS4 update 1.75, adding 3D Blu-ray support to its latest console among other new features.

Although the main feature is the playback of 3D Blu-Ray discs, the update also adds some other new features for the PS4.

Sound quality for 1.5x playback of Blu-ray and DVD videos has been improved for example, making it easier to fast forward and rewind in style. If that’s something you’re into.

You’ll notice that system messages have now moved from the top-right to the top-left corner of the screen, which moves them out of the way of important in-game HUD information.

The update also allows featured content to be automatically downloaded from the PlayStation Store when your PS4 is in standby mode or left on.

You’ll need to head to Settings > System > Automatic Downloads and Uploads in order to toggle the featured content setting first though.

Outside of the PS4 1.75 system update, from tomorrow, July 30, you can also download a major update to the PS4 ShareFactory.

The patch will add a special The Last of Us theme to tie in with the launch of The Last of Us Remastered, which offers 39 new sticks, two background images and six new transitions among other features.

Sony has added one of the main user requested features to the ShareFactory too: the ability to add screenshots from your capture gallery into ShareFactory videos.

Other ShareFactory enhancements with the patch include UI improvements, fresh filter effects and some new stickers too.

The PS4 system software update 1.75 is rolling out to consoles now, so look out for the update on your machine.

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