PS4 sales top 6 million worldwide, Xbox One trails behind

Sony has announced that PS4 sales have now topped 6 million worldwide, after launching in Japan.

The PS4 was released in Japan on February 22 and this has boosted sales past the 6 million milestone. In Japan alone, over 370,000 PS4 consoles have been sold in the period since launch.

“Cumulative PS4 sales have now surpassed six million units worldwide following the successful launch in Japan just over a week ago,” said Sony in a statement. “It’s truly humbling to see the rate at which gamers across the globe are choosing PS4 as their next gen console of choice.”

Last we heard, Xbox One sales reached 3 million by the end of December, so Microsoft has some catching up to do.

Sony’s original sales target was to reach 5 million by the end of March, so have to reached the 6 million mark already shows how popular the PS4 is with consumers.

The Japanese gaming giant also revealed that over 13.7 million PS4 games have been sold to date, including over 2.1 million sales of Killzone 4: Shadow Fall.

Sony’s figures also revealed that around 50 per cent of all PS4 owners subscribe to PlayStation Plus, which may be due to the fact the PS4 needs a Plus subscription to access multiplayer.

Sony also revealed that some of the unique PS4 features have proved very popular with gamers.

“PS4 owners are also embracing the Share button on the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, with more than 100 million shares captured as fans show friends their latest achievements on Facebook and Twitter.”

“There have now been more than 3.6 million live broadcasts, and more than 56 million spectate sessions on PS4 through Twitch and Ustream.”

Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House said he is “absolutely delighted” by the PS4 sales figures.

“[Sony] will continue to expand the world of PlayStation by growing its library of breakthrough games and bringing more innovative features and services only possible on PS4.”

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