PS4 hits 30 million sales

Sony has announced that its PS4 console has surpassed the 30 million worldwide sales mark.

The PS4 has undoubtedly been the success story of this console generation, with a seemingly unassailable sales lead over its great rival the Xbox One.

Sony’s recent announcement has only gone to confirm that. According to a recent press released, the PS4 had sold more than 30.2 million units around the world as of November 22.

As Sony says, the PS4 has experienced “the fastest and strongest growth in PlayStation hardware history” since it launched in November 2013.

“We are sincerely grateful that gamers across the globe have continued to choose PS4 as the best place to play since launch two years ago,” said Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House.

“We are committed to bringing engaging games and entertainment services to users worldwide. Thanks to the support of our partners, PS4 continues to be the premier platform for game and interactive entertainment innovation.”

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So dominant has the PS4 become that Microsoft has effectively admitted defeat in the console sales war. Last month a Microsoft source conceded that the company was no longer reporting Xbox One sales figures.

Rather, Microsoft has opted to employ user engagement figures to illustrate its success.

Of course, that’s not to say that Microsoft’s current console has been a failure – far from it. The number of monthly active Xbox Live users rose a dramatic 28 percent in the last quarter.

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