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PS4 game pricing confirmed, next-gen titles to cost same as PS3 options

PS4 game pricing has been confirmed, with Sony suggesting that first-party next-generation titles will cost no more than their PS3 bound counterparts.

Following up recent confirmation of Xbox One game prices, Sony has revealed that PS4 titles will see wannabe owners back around $59.99 (£38.32) at launch, the same as current AAA PS3 offerings.

Although Sony failed to discuss game prices during last week’s E3 2013 press conference, an official spokesperson for the company has now suggested the company’s next-gen gamer will be no more expensive to by games for than its Microsoft branded lead rival.

“We have announced the pricing for our first party line up of PS4 launch and launch window games,” an official Sony spokesperson reportedly stated in a recent interview. “All four titles, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Driveclub, Knack, and inFamous Second Son are all $59.99.”

Over the weekend, reports pointed to the Xbox One game prices. They stated: “A company spokesperson confirmed that Microsoft’s own first-party Xbox One games will cost $59,99, the same price top Xbox 360 games have.”

While both Sony and Microsoft have now offered insight into the cost of their next-gen titles, third-party publishers such as Activision and Ubisoft have yet to confirm how much their next-generation games will set back wannabe owners.

Although having failed to publically price specific games, EA COO Peter Moore has also suggested that next-generation titles will remain similar prices to current-gen offering. Despite this, he has hinted that publishers could look to further monetise games with additional download purchases.

He stated: “You see a $60 price for a next-gen game whereas we believe [with digital downloads] we can get $70, $80, $90 from the consumer, but it’s a $60 price point.”

With Sony seemingly set to match Microsoft on game prices, the Japanese gaming giant has maintained its footing over its bitter rival on a pricing front. Last week while Microsoft announced the Xbox One price at £429, Sony confirmed the PS4 price would be £80 cheaper at just £349.

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Via: CVG