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PS4 currently around 50 per cent faster than Xbox One, say developers

According to a variety of developers, the PS4 is around 50 per cent faster than the Xbox One, despite the similarities in architecture.

Performance differences between the PS4 and Xbox One are “significant” and “obvious”, with Sony’s next-generation console out-performing its Microsoft rival by around 50 per cent.

Speaking to Edge, “multiple high-level game development sources” state that memory reads on the PS4 see the Sony console respond between 40 – 50 per cent speedier than the Xbox One, with the PS4 running at 30FPS at 1920 x 1080p resolution, but only at “20-something” on the Xbox One a 1600 x 900 resolution.

Microsoft has attempted to close the gap between the Xbox One and PS4 by upping the clock speed of its next-generation console, but apparently the update is “not significant, it does not change things that much. Of course something is better than nothing,” according to one developer source.

However, with the PS4 release date on November 29 in the UK and the Xbox One launching in 13 countries worldwide on November 22, neither manufacturer has yet to finalise the specs for the next-gen console duo.

“The hardware isn’t locked [for either console]”, said another source, with the Xbox One still falling short of the PS4 graphics driver’s capabilities. Apparently, Microsoft “has been late on their drivers and that has been hurting them.”

Both console manufacturers have been encouraging developers to utilise the exclusive hardware available for the PS4 and Xbox One, such as the Kinect or the touch pad on the DualShock 4 controller.

“The poor [graphics] drivers have made it difficult to push either of them, and the developers aren’t familiar with the hardware yet,” said one developer source.

This is bound to change with time though, as developers get more time to work out the benefits of creating game with specific features for each console.

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