PS4 Camera sales near 1m with a 15% adoption rate

Sony has announced that PlayStation Camera sales for the PS4 are nearing 1 million.

During a presentation at GDC 2014, Sony’s Chris Norden revealed the PlayStation Camera is “severely supply constrained” following underestimated demand for the PS4 peripheral.

So far, the PS4 has sold over 6 million units and Sony said 15 per cent of those users have purchased the PlayStation Camera as well. This percentage would put PlayStation Camera sales around the 900,000 mark.

The PlayStation Camera’s popularity has seen it sell out at a number of retailers, so Sony asks you to “please be patient” as they work to replenish supplies.

Sony made the decision to sell the PlayStation Camera separately to the PS4, despite offering augmented reality title The PlayRoom as a free game included with the next-gen console.

The PlayStation Camera currently costs around £50 to buy online, but the original RRP was £59.99.

Even if you purchased the £349 PS4 and the PlayStation Camera at launch, the combination was still cheaper than buying the Xbox One.

Microsoft’s next-gen console automatically came bundled with the Kinect motion gaming peripheral to reinforce the company’s focus on the Xbox One being an all-round entertainment system.

Microsoft also put a lot of emphasis on the Kinect’s voice commands, which can be used to navigate the Xbox One and launch various apps.

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Via: Gamespot