PS4 update 1.74 coming soon with stability improvements

Sony has announced that the 1.74 update for its PS4 console is coming soon, but it probably won’t add any major new features.

The official Sony PlayStation Twitter account revealed that the update simply “improves stability of some software.”

It seems as if the update will not include any of the major features that were promised, but not delivered, at the time of the console’s initial unveiling in February last year.

PS4 users are still awaiting the resume and suspend feature that will allow them to boot up immediately and preserve game states for instant load times, for example.

Meanwhile, responses to the aforementioned post include requests from PS4 owners for 3D Blu-Ray compatibility, a PSN name change option, improved remote control support (the PS3 remote would be a good start), and the ability to upload music onto the console.

Such requests look likely to go unheeded in the immediate future, however, as the 1.74 update appears to be a pure bug-fixing exercise.

Still, this slow roll-out of promised features doesn’t appear to be impacting PS4 sales at all. It continues to outsell the Xbox One in spite of the latter’s radical culling of the bundled Kinect system and related price drop.

Recent figures suggest that Sony’s latest console has outsold Microsoft’s for each of the past six months.

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Via: CVG