PS3 ‘Will’ Go Live?

About time Sony spoke up on this one...

Sony has long promoted the PS3 as the console for hardcore gamers. That it will be ”the” kick-ass next gen games machine and hasn’t spent much time promoting all that namby pamby online artsy fartsy stuff that works so well on the Xbox 360. Well, a recently issued questionnaire suggests it has had a change of heart.

Sent out last week to registered beta testers, the survey goes into great depth quizzing participants on almost every aspect of an online service from gaming to instant messaging and web browsing (check it out below).


Of course, given that the PS3 has wireless and a hard drive such a move could’ve been assumed but Sony’s silence has been deafening suggesting the wide-ranging multimedia tricks of the Xbox 360 were far from the forefront of its mind. In fact, since Sony has only just recently begun circulating this questionnaire to gamers there could still be someway to go yet.

So the PS3 increasingly looks like it will have a Live service, even though the company refuses to officially say yay or nay. Should it go ahead with the move, it would provide a timely boost for the console following the slick integration seen in Microsoft’s new baby. Funnily enough, if it decides to stay in the Dark Ages the PS3 is still the red hot favourite to dominate the next gen console war given Sony’s track record with the original Playstation and the PS2. In fact, even the purported £300+ sticker price looks unlikely to deter punters.

That said, it is doubtful Sony will retain such overwhelming market dominance should it choose not to hop online and as Intel processors and the IE web browser will tell you: having someone chip away at your position can be a rather unsettling experience…

Here’s that questionnaire:

Dear ……

The launch of the PlayStation 3 this year is an exciting time for all of us and presents many opportunities. We are constantly looking to improve our online service so that it meets all of your expectations.

Featured in the below link is a survey, giving you the chance to help shape the future of online gaming. We value your input and would like to receive your feedback and suggestions. Please take some time to fill out this survey before February 1st 2006 by clicking on the following link. You will be unable to access and complete this survey once it has expired.

1. On a typical day, how often do you play games online?

2. Do you own a PSP?

3. What is your preferred Online gaming format?

4. What Online Gaming Formats do you own?

5. Do you think you will purchase a PS3?

6. A single identity and password for all online games?

7. Global Lobbies allowing you to play against anyone in the world?

8. Game Lobbies should be language based. (English, French, German etc)

9. Game Lobbies should be based geographically.

10. A standard, interactive lobby structure for all games.

11. Headset support in all online games?

12. A QWERTY keyboard as standard for messaging.

13. USB Keyboard support for every online title.

14. Friend List allowing you to see online/offline status?

15. Friend List allowing you to see what game your friends are playing?

16. Private Messaging across games?

17. A feedback rating allowing you to choose who you play against?

18. Ability to remove players out via a majority vote?

19. Game Host has the ability to remove players?

20. Automatically filter opponents based on connection quality?

21. The ability to download music, game demos and other content?

22. Ability to access the dedicated game forum whilst in game?

23. Ability to take screenshots during the game and share them with friends?

24. Ability to take movie clips in game and share them with friends?

25. Ability to play my music during a game?

26. An in game grief reporting system?

27. Ability to access and manage your gaming profile via PC, PSP as well as PS3?

28. Community features without the need for a game disc.

29. Ability to choose an Avatar for all online titles.

30. The inclusion of a web browser.

31. A specific lobby only for Adults.

32. Service should feature a Global Ranking system for each game.

33. Game Lobbies should be Eyetoy compatible.

Interesting, ”mais non”?

PlayStation UK