PS3 Will Double Up As TV Tuner

Begs the question: why?

In an interview with Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand (SCENZ) boss, Warwick Light, The Press obtained some reasonably interesting and perhaps puzzling information regarding upcoming add-ons for the PS3. First we can be moderately comforted by the knowledge that while we in the UK may be getting a raw deal compared to the US and Japan, New Zealand seem to be even worse off. While they, like Australia, are getting the same “added value” pack as Europe, the pricing there is even worse, with the UK £415 kit costing the equivalent of £450 in NZ, which is frankly ridiculous.

We here in the UK are getting the same bundle, which co-incidentally went on sale as of today – nothing particularly exciting. What makes this New Zealand release announcement more interesting, though, is the suggestion that there will be a digital TV tuner released for the console to coincide with the launch of New Zealand’s Freeview service. You may wonder how anyone with a PS3 could be expected not to already have a TV, but the idea of using the media-centric console as a digital video recorder does offer some attraction, as least to me, if only as one less gadget to have to buy. No word yet on whether we’ll see a PS3 digital tuner here in the UK, but I sincerely hope so.

In some other, slightly off topic, PS3 news – I have had it conformed that the Playstation Home beta will hopefully open towards the end of August, although this is in no way definite. However, if you want in, keep an eye out here for more info.

The Press interview.

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