PS3 Firmware Update To Improve Blu-ray Playback?

Or at least so we hear on the grapevine.

No sooner has one of the major gripes with the PS3 now been solved but Sony seems set to add even more features to its troubled console. Apparently, the next firmware update for the PS3 will add Blu-ray Profile 1.1 support to the system, giving it an advantage over the vast majority of the current stand-alone players on the market.

The speculation comes after Don Eklund of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment stated that the ‘PS3 is expected to soon offer a firmware upgrade to boost its Blu-ray interactivity functionality’. Of course slightly more pertinent is the fact that any PS3 sold after October has, as a Blu-ray player, to be Profile 1.1 compatible.

Aside from the attraction of being the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market, these extras could make it the PS3 the Blu-ray player of choice for those interested in these extras – currently the only confirmed 1.1-compatible player due before Christmas is Samsung’s dual-format BD-UP5000, a considerably more expensive option. Like it or not, the PS3 is slowly turning into less and less of a disappointment.

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