Prototype and Prototype 2 re-released as Prototype Biohazard Bundle

Activision has released the Prototype Biohazard Bundle, offering HD remasters of Prototype and Prototype 2.

The Prototype Biohazard Bundle is available now on Xbox One, which is quite the first for such a HD remaster. They’re usually announced first, rather than simply released straight away.

PS4 gamers will be able to get their hands on the digital download of the Prototype Biohazard Bundle from July 22 in Europe.

If the bundle doesn’t quite agree with you or your wallet, you can buy Prototype and Prototype 2 separately on PS4 and Xbox One through the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store from August 12.

The Prototype games have been given a Full 1080p HD remastering with an improved framerate and higher-resolution textures and effects.

Plus, Prototype 2 includes all of the DLC that came with the original RADNET Edition of the game, as well as the majority of the DLC previously offered as pre-order perks.

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If you’ve not played the Prototype games, they follow the intertwined stories of Alex Mercer and Sergeant James Heller. Both have been given shapeshifting powers alongside superhuman strength by a deadly virus that has devastated New York.

As a player, you’re given pretty unstoppable powers of destruction and deception, which you cna use in the open-world of the Prototype games in order to find the forces behind the pandemic.

Is the Prototype Biohazard Bundle a sign of an incoming Prototype 3? Gosh we hope so.