Project Spark release date confirmed for October

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One game creation toolbox Project Spark will be released in October, landing on 10 October in the UK.

One of the more exciting 2014 releases for Xbox One, Project Spark will first go on sale in the US on 7 October, before making its way to Europe on 10 October.

Project Spark has been available as a limited beta preview since December 2013, but in October you’ll be able to get the game in disc form.

We say game, but Project Spark is more a game creation tool, with perhaps even more of a focus on creation than its closest rival, the Sony-exclusive Little Big Planet series.

As of March 2014, the Project Spark limited beta became an open beta, and the preview build is available to download online from the Xbox One store now.

Project Spark lets you create your own games, and while we haven’t had a go ourselves yet, preview videos show that multiple genres are possible with the application of a bit of creativity and elbow grease.

You’ll naturally be able to share you creations online to earn yourself a bit of glory, and the retail version of Project Spark will come with a bunch of assets ready to be plugged into your creations. We imagine the platform may also be used as a way to tease a little more cash out of your pocket through content-unlocking micro-transactions, though.

At this point, we know that Project Spark is coming to Xbox One and PC, but there’s no work as to whether it’ll also be released for Xbox 360.

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