Product News – Gyration Announces New Keyboard Suite

Gyration, maker of unusual gyroscopically controlled mice, adds a new full-size keyboard to its range.

Gyration, maker of gyroscopically controlled mice has added the Ultra-Full Size Keyboard Suite to its range. The GP1200 package consists of a full-size cordless keyboard with a nine metre or 30-foot radio range and a Cordless Ultra GT mouse. As the keyboard and mice communicate using radio waves, users don’t have to worry about having line of site to control their PCs.


The 104-key keyboard includes 15 multimedia hot-keys for launching your email or web browser with one touch. These don’t require any drivers or software to be installed to work. It also features an ergonomic detachable wrist-rest to reduce fatigue while typing.

The mouse features a gyroscope inside to detect motion, enabling it to be used in the air. This makes it ideal for controlling a presentation in an conference room, or a media centre PC in the lounge. To avoid the hassle of having to replace batteries, the mouse comes with a desktop charging cradle, and lasts around five days on a single change.

The package also includes GyroTools PC Media Control software to enhance the mouse functionality in Windows. The software enables users to program the mouse to launch a favourite programs or alter the volume with just a flick of the wrist.

The package costs £99.95 including VAT and can be purchased at You can also find more details here.