Printing Damages Health More Than Smoking?

Those crazy Australians seem to think so.

According to the Queensland University of Technology, laser printing could pose as great a hazard to your health as smoking. From evidence gathered by testing more than 60 machines, researchers concluded that many printers emit dangerous levels of toner into the air. Almost a third of the tested printers distributed microscopic “toner-like” particles small enough to infiltrate the lungs and potentially cause anything from respiratory discomfort to chronic illness.

Apparently during working hours, the level of these micro-particles rose by up to five times and was therefore attributed to the use of printers. Printing graphics or using new cartridges is said to exacerbate the problem. The group are calling on governments to enforce that warning labels be required on machines and that regulations are set to ensure printers are placed in well ventilated areas. Personally I’m lobbying for a blanket ban on printing in public here in the TR offices.

BBC story

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