Powerline Networking Hits 400Mbps

Could the wireless n bridging technology be about to surpass it?

Powerline networking is one of the unexpectedly beneficial spin offs from the ridiculously drawn out 802.11n ratification process and it just keeps on getting better…

Out of the blue DS2 has announced it has developed technology which will enable next gen Powerline products to operate at a potential 400Mbps – double the previous benchmark which only appeared one year ago.

Jose Calero, CTO at DS2, said, “Increased bandwidth requirements for multimedia networking applications is one of the key requirements that suppliers to the home networking, networked entertainment and last-mile BPL markets are looking for from future technology specifications… These results are very exciting and demonstrate that we will be able to achieve the rates required to sustain the multimedia applications of the future over powerline or coax”.

Calero makes a good point because as streaming HD media becomes an increasingly realistic option for many we’re reaching a point where our networks need to hit breakneck speeds.

Of course in the real terms DS2’s breakthrough is unlikely to reach anywhere near its theoretical bandwidth and our previous testing suggests one third to one quarter is more likely. DS2 also doesn’t expect the tech to retail before 2009.

That said, if genuine 100Mbps speeds are now on the (distant) horizon and HD continues to engulf our homes then Powerline could well have jumped into the upper echelons of our Christmas card list – Christmas 2009 at least…

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