Post Office Launches Cash Only PAYG Broadband

Yet another revenue master stroke from this blossoming monopolist...

Broadband certainly isn’t the inconvenient luxury it once was, but as usual the Post Office has a different take…

In the latest of its many, many baffling business decisions, the crumbling monopolist has announced it will launch a broadband service specifically aimed that those who wish to pay only by cash.

Launching today the PO thinks the idea will appeal to the older ‘NETSKI’ generation (and presumably the Mafia) who distrust direct debits and long term contracts. Perversely then, the PO service will cost users £15.95 per month for an 8Mbit line – a price inferior to many rival ISPs – and incurs the inconvenience of having to walk to your local branch to ‘top up’ at regular intervals.

Speaking as someone who has to walk twice as far as he used to get to his local branch (since the PO closed two nearer outlets) only to queue for hours (because the PO ”closed two nearer outlets”… catch the theme?) the idea of additional visits is actually something I’d pay a ”’premium”’ to escape, not encourage.

Still, a £9m nationwide marketing campaign (yet more money well spent) will try to convince customers that this backwards step is a forwards one, but if the idea of finally going online just so you can physically walk to the post office each month to pay your bill appeals then perhaps you should tell your shrink.

I wonder if the Post Office has any more bright ideas? How about email which you sign for at the post office…? Online banking where you login at the post office…? Perhaps another postal strike…?

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