Portable Perpendicular Drives Arrive

Via Seagate, you didn't have any doubts about that right...?

The biggest technological development in the moving parts storage arena for ages is finally here: perpendicular drives and, predictably, it is Seagate which brings a portable form to the market first.


Fresh from buying rival Maxtor in a $1.9bn mega deal, the giant has announced it has managed to boost the size of its external 2.5in, 455g drives to a flagship 160GB. This is 30 per cent more than other manufacturers have so far been able to deliver and comes courtesy of perpendicular technology.

For the forgetful amongst you, perpendicular recording represents a massive leap forward in storage capacities. A full description can be found here, but – simply put – it will replace the more wasteful Longitudinal recording in current use by arranging data vertically rather than horizontally. In addition, it is powered through a computer’s USB port which eliminates the need for a separate power cord and is shock mounted within an aluminium enclose to protect against cack handedness. We don’t have an official release photo as yet, but expect it to look very similar to the 120GB longitudinal version (above) already on sale.

February will be the date of arrival with a (not unsurprisingly) steep $379 asking price. If you want to be the first to try the newest technology on the block, time to step in line.