Pokévision Alternatives: Best Pokémon Go maps and trackers to download today

The incredibly useful Pokévision is down indefinitely following Niantic’s decision to block third-party Pokémon Go map tools. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives. From PokéRadar to Trackemon, we’ve rounded up the best Pokémon Go maps, apps, and trackers to help you catch ’em all.

It’s been a while since Pokévision was shut down by developer Niantic, but Pokétrainers have endeavoured to create numerous replacements ever since. The original tool showed nearby creatures on a simple, Google Maps-based layout, cutting out some of the guesswork involved in Pokémon hunting.

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Niantic claims Pokévision essentially amounted to cheating, as it gave players an unfair advantage over those using Pokémon Go’s built-in tracker – a tracker which, incidentally, was removed in the latest game update because it was so unreliable.

Pokévision creator Yang Liu responded in an open letter posted to Medium, saying that his app didn’t amount to cheating because of the unreliability of the native tracker. Despite his impassioned objection however, Pokévision remains dead in the water.

Gamers have therefore been stuck trying to find and catch Pokémon the old fashioned way: actually walking around. But fear not, there are some decent Pokévision alternatives out there.

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Note that while this list is up-to-date at the time of publication, many of these trackers, especially the mobile apps, are liable to stop working or be removed at short notice.

Smart Poké, for example, was one of the most popular Pokévision alternatives but was booted off the Google Play Store roughly 48 hours after it came to our attention, while the Skiplagged map has also ceased working – presumably the site sold enough flights and gave up.

That said, here’s a quick rundown of the best Pokémon Go maps and trackers out there right now.

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Probably the most accurate map we’ve tried, which we suspect is because it’s relatively new, PokéLoké surfaced on the App Store only two days ago, so it’s yet to be removed or overloaded. It’s also accurate – we’ve double checked it against Pokémon Go.

The app has a few neat features. Firstly, the homepage tells you which Pokémon are currently nearby, letting you select the ones you want to find and showing them on the map.

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You can configure the app’s notification settings so that it alerts you when your most desired animal pops up. It even takes care of the travel, letting you know how long it will take you to get an Uber – just in case you’re desperate to catch that cheeky critter.

There is a catch, though. The app forces you to ‘scan’ every time you select a Pokémon but limits your usage to a tiny ten scans. It then prompts you to provide your App Store details, something we’d definitely advise you steer well clear of.

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Another temperamental browser-based map, but the devs say they’re preparing some updates, so it’s worth keeping an eye on. When it works, FastPokeMap will show you the creatures in your area and the time remaining until they leg it. You can also filter out certain Pokémon, which makes it a little easier to use.


A different take on the standard Pokémap, Pokéhuntr allows you to search for your location before doing a search for Pokemon in your area, adding them to the map as it goes.

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It doesn’t auto-update though, and it’s a bit of a laggard when it comes to searching and locating the Pokémon. As such, this might not be the most useful map for those Poké-hunting under a time limit.

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The most intuitive of the Pokémon Go mapping tools currently available, PokéFind lets you choose the Pokémon you want to snare and then shows you its current locations on a familiar Google Maps-based layout.

Not only that, it tells you where that elusive Charmander was seen during the morning, afternoon and evening, thereby allowing you to more effectively fit Pokéhunting into your daily routine.

The Evolution Calculator is a nice added touch. Just select a Pokémon, input how many CP it currently has, and it’ll give you a rough idea of the  minimum, average, and maximum CP to expect when you evolve it.

To our eye, it’s the best Pokémon Go app out there right now.

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PokéWhere provides a fairly accurate picture of the Pokémon in your surrounding area, aggregating data from a handful of popular Pokémon Go maps and trackers as well as letting you upload crowdsourced spots.

There’s an integrated chat feature, as well, though it’s not overly active, and there don’t seem to be any apps on offer, meaning you’ll have to toggle back and forth between the Pokémon Go app and your browser.

Still, as a kind of ‘bird’s eye view’ tool of what to look out for near you, it’s reasonably useful.



Trackemon was hailed on Reddit as the natural successor to Pokévision, utilising many of the same the features of that made the old site such a fan favourite. Its best function is the rare Pokémon finder, which allows you to cut through the common critters and only search for the monsters that are still outside of your Pokédex.

It is by no means perfect though, with trainers the globe over complaining of it crashing at random and bemoaning its poor performing scanning feature.

For its part, Trackemon posted to Reddit saying that the site was still working, but was struggling to cope with the “high volumes” of traffic it was experiencing. That said, it looks like Niantic has succeeded in blocking the site’s scan function.

That doesn’t surprise us, as when we had a quick play with it earlier, it looked the part. Give it a go and see if it works for you.

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Pokémon Nests Curated Map

This neat little tool won’t show you the locations of Pokémon in real-time, but it will tell you where the creatures ‘nest’, i.e. where they’re likely to spawn.

A key on the left-hand side shows you what all the different icons relate to, and one of the nice things about using this approach is that you can add it to your own Google Maps account.

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Pokemon Go Curated Map

While it’s not the ideal solution for those who want to know exactly where Pokémon spawn in real-time, it is a good way of not taking all the fun out the game while still giving yourself a good chance of catching the more elusive creatures.

There are more and more maps coming online every day, and it seems most of them have issues of some sort. We’ll keep our eye out for any decent ones, though, and update this article regularly as we uncover bigger and better tools to help you catch more Pokémon.

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Found a good Pokémon tracker that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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