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Pokémon Go Region Exclusives: Full list of all 151 Pokémon

Want to fill up your Pokédex? In the quest to become a Pokémon master, knowledge is king.

Across the globe, millions of Pokéfans are desperately searching for Pokémon to complete their collection. The first-generation Pokémon roster has 151 creatures, but if you’re aiming for that lofty figure, we’ve got bad news for you…

Unfortunately, there are actually only 145 Pokémon available to catch right now. And if you want to catch all those, you’ll have to travel far afield – even beyond your country and continent.

Which Pokémon aren’t available?

Several Pokémon simply aren’t currently catchable in Pokémon Go. These are (mostly) the legendary Pokémon from the first generation:

  • Articuno
  • Moltres
  • Zapdos
  • Mew
  • Mewtwo
  • Ditto

The first three are legendary birds, upon which Pokémon Go’s teams are based. That means it’s highly likely that we’ll see them added in the future.

It’s also likely that Mew and Mewtwo will be added, although it’s probably that they’ll be a real pain to catch. They’re the rarest two Pokémon from the first generation, and were the most difficult to capture in the original video games.

Pokemon Legendary

Finally, there’s Ditto. It’s not clear why Ditto hasn’t been included (yet), as he’s not even a legendary Pokémon. The small, pink blob’s main claim to fame is its mimic ability, which allows it to metamorphose into the form of another Pokémon. Maybe all your Pokémon are already Ditto, and you just don’t know it?

Which Pokémon are region exclusives?

A further four Pokémon are region-locked, which means you can’t capture them outside of their region. This means that if you want to complete the collection, you’ll have to travel far afield.

Here are the region-exclusives:

  • Mr Mime – Europe
  • Taurus – North America
  • Kangaskhan – Australia & New Zealand
  • Farfetch’d – Asia

On the bright side, you’re not entirely screwed if you can’t be bothered with Pokémon globetrotting. You can still acquire all of the region-locked Pokémon through egg-hatching. Unfortunately this means you’re at the whim of luck, but hey, it’s still cheaper than booking a load of international flights.

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Pokémon Go Full List

Here’s the full list of Pokémon available (and not available) in Pokémon Go:

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1. Bulbasaur
2. Ivysaur
3. Venusaur
4. Charmander
5. Charmeleon
6. Chraizard
7. Squirtle
8. Wartotle
9. Blastoise
10. Caterpie
11. Metapod
12. Butterfree
13. Weedle
14. Kakuna
15. Beedrill
16. Pidgey
17. Pidgeotto
18. Pidgeot
19. Rattata
20. Raticate
21. Spearow
22. Fearow
23. Ekans
24. Arbok
25. Pikachu
26. Raichu
27. Sandshrew
28. Sandslash
29. Nidoran (f)
30. Nidorina
31. Nidoqueen
32. Nidoran (m)
33. Nidorino
34. Nidoking
35. Clefairy
36. Clefable
37. Vulpix
38. Ninetales
39. Jigglypuff
40. Wigglytuff
41. Zubat
42. Golbat
43. Oddish
44. Gloom
45. Vileplume
46. Paras
47. Parasect
48. Venonat
49. Venomoth
50. Diglett
51. Dugtio
52. Meowth
53. Persian
54. Psyduck
55. Golduck
56. Mankey
57. Primeape
58. Growlithe
59. Arcanine
60. Poliwag
61. Poliwhirl
62. Poliwrath
63. Abra
64. Kadabra
65. Alakazam
66. Machop
67. Machoke
68. Machamp
69. Bellsprout
70. Weepinbell
71. Victreebell
72. Tentacool
73. Tenacrual
74. Geodude
75. Graveler
76. Golem
77. Ponyta
78. Rapidash
79. Slowpoke
80. Slowbro
81. Magnemite
82. Magneton
83. Farfetch’d (Asia exclusive, hatches from 5km egg globally)
84. Doduo
85. Dodrio
86. Seel
87. Dewgong
88. Grimer
89. Muk
90. Shellder
91. Cloyster
92. Gastly
93. Haunter
94. Gengar
95. Onix
96. Drowzee
97. Hypno
98. Krabby
99. Kingler
100. Voltorb
101. Electrode
102. Exeggcute
103. Exeggcutor
104. Cubone
105. Marowak
106. Hitmonlee
107. Hitmonchan
108. Lickitung
109. Koffing
110. Weezing
111. Rhyhorn
112. Rhydon
113. Chansey
114. Tangela
115. Kangaskhan (Aus/NZ exclusive, hatches from 5km egg globally)
116. Horsea
117. Seadra
118. Goldeen
119. Seaking
120. Staryu
121. Starmie
122. Mr Mime (Europe exclusive, hatches from 10km egg globally)
123. Scyther
124. Jynx
125. Electabuzz
126. Magmar
127. Pinsir
128. Tauros (NA exclusive, hatches from 5km egg globally)
129. Magikarp
130. Gyarados
131. Lapras
132. Ditto (not available)
133. Eevee
134. Vaporeon
135. Jolteon
136. Flareon
137. Porygon
138. Omanyte
139. Omastar
140. Kabuto
141. Kabutops
142. Aerodactyl
143. Snorlax
144. Articuno (not available)
145. Zapdos (not available)
146. Moltres (not available)
147. Dratini
148. Dragonair
149. Dragonite
150. Mewtwo (not available)
151. Mew (not available)

How many Pokémon have you caught? Let us know in the comments.

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