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Pokémon Go Nest Migrations and Spawn Changes: What you need to know

Pokémon Go Nest Migrations and Spawn Changes Explained: What you need to know about all the switching around Niantic’s frequently gets up to.

If you’re still playing Niantic’s massively popular Pokémon Go, you’ve probably got wise to the whole nests thing.

Nests are essentially sites where large numbers of the same Pokémon spawn, and heading to a known nest increases the chances of snaring your desired creature.

But Niantic has decided to make things interesting. Perhaps in an attempt to undermine all the Pokémon Go maps that have sprung up in recent months, or perhaps just to give the game a bit of a refresh, the developer has seemingly randomised nest sites and spawn points, added new locations, and removed others.

So, if you’ve got a favourite spot for capturing Clefable, chances are it ain’t there any more.

Luckily, we’ve got all the information you need on the recent changes right here.

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Pokémon Go Nests and Spawns changes – What’s the deal?

Niantic’s really gone and switched things around this time. Whereas previous nest and spawn migrations involved simply changing the type of creature that spawned at certain sites, it seems the developer has completely randomised which creatures spawn at which locations. Now, a site might start producing Charmander for a while, then switch to Squirtle later in the day.

Before, it was possible to simply say that a Charmander nest had become a Squirtle nest. Now, it’s a lot harder to keep track of where certain Pokémon are spawning and when – striking a blow for Niantic against Pokémon Go maps.

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Pokemon Go curated nest site London

Unofficial Pokémon Go maps have appeared since the game’s launch, showing spawn sites

What’s more, it looks like new spawn sites and nest locations have been added to the game, while some have been removed entirely. There have been reports of new sites, but until more Pokétrainers get out there and check things out, we’ll have to wait to be sure.

This Silph Road Reddit thread appears to confirm the randomised nature of some, if not all spawn points. According to the thread’s Global Nest Atlas, 2,740 new nest sites have been added, while 3,423 nests have remained in place producing the same species as before the migration.

While common creatures such as Pidgeys and Ratattas will still be cropping up as usual, then, the best spawn locations near you are almost certain to be producing new creatures.

Pokémon Go Nests and Spawns changes – How am I gonna bag 100 Pikachus now?

If Niantic has randomised nests, it would be impossible to provide a list of which species has switched to which species. PokémonGoHub has tried to compile such a list, however, which you can check out if you like, but it seems most reports have confirmed that the type of Pokémon at each location will change at random times.

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pokemon go

The guys on the Silph Road Reddit Thread have also compiled a list of how species at nest sites have changed, which you can read below. But, again, things are changing all the time so don’t expect this to be entirely accurate.

Bulbasaur > Bulbasaur/Charmander

Charmander > Charmander

Squirtle > Squirtle

Ekans > Pikachu

Pikachu > Sandshrew

Sandshrew > Nidoran♀

Nidoran♀ > Nidoran♂

Nidoran♂ > ???

Clefairy > Vulpix

Vulpix > Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff > Vulpix?

Oddish > Paras

Paras > ???

Venonat > Diglett

Diglett > Meowth

Meowth > Psyduck

Psyduck > Staryu

Mankey > Growlithe

Growlithe > Poliwag

Poliwag > Abra

Abra > Machop

Machop > Bellsprout

Bellsprout > Tentacool

Tentacool > Geodude

Geodude > Ponyta

Ponyta > Slowpoke/Magnemite

Slowpoke > Magnemite/Doduo

Magnemite > Seel/Doduo

Doduo > Seel/Shellder

Seel > Shellder/Gastly

Grimer > ???

Shellder > Gastly/Onix

Gastly > Drowzee/Onix

Onix > Drowzee/Krabby

Drowzee > Krabby/Voltorb

Krabby > Exeggcute/Voltorb

Voltorb > Cubone/Exeggcute

Exeggcute > Cubone/Rhyhorn

Cubone > Rhyhorn/Horsea

Hitmonlee > ???

Hitmonchan > ???

Lickitung > ???

Koffing > ???

Rhyhorn > Horsea/Goldeen

Tangela > Cubone?

Horsea > Staryu

Goldeen > Scyther/Staryu

Staryu > Jynx

Scyther > Electabuzz/Jynx

Jynx > Magmar/Electabuzz

Electabuzz > Magmar/Pinsir

Magmar > Magikarp

Pinsir > Eevee/Magikarp

Magikarp > Omanyte/Eevee

Eevee > Kabuto

Omanyte > N/A

Kabuto > N/A

Dratini > ???

It’s still early days, so we might find that some of the new locations are consistently pumping out the same creature, while others are randomised. Keep an eye on the Reddit thread above and check back with us in the very near future for an update.

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