Pokemon Go had the best opening week in the history of the App Store

Apple has confirmed what most of the world had already presumed; Pokémon Go has broken the App Store record for the most downloads in a single week.

While Cupertino declined to reveal just how many times the hit AR game has been downloaded, it did admit to Polygon that Nintendo’s IP had enjoyed the best first week ever.

The chart-topping app achieved the feat despite an initial launch in the United States, with more countries gaining access over the last few weeks.

After a roll out in the UK and Europe, Japan has finally gained access, which could even result in more record breaking numbers.

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The game has been a gigantic earner for Nintendo and former Google start-up Niantic, with estimates suggesting Pokémon Go may be grossing up rte $2.3 million a day through in-app purchases.

Nintendo’s stock price has more than doubled since launch, up from 13,800 yen on June 24, to 22,280 yen a month later

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The stock increases represent six-year highs for the Japanese giant, which had endured a period in the doldrums following the failure of the Wii U to hit the heights of its predecessor.

We’ll update this piece of news of just how many downloads the game achieved during that first week becomes available.

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