Plextor Ups the Tempo With First 8x DVD+RW Burner

Plextor brings its DVD burner to 16x single layer and 4x dual-layer standard, but ups the stakes by offering 8x DVD+RW recording too.

Plextor, announced yesterday the PX-716A, re-establishing itself as the leader of the PC burner pack. The drive offers 16x burning speeds for single layer discs and 4x for dual-layer DVD+R discs enabling it to burn four-hours of DVD-Video in under six minutes. However, it takes the performance crown by being the first drive to offer 8x burning for rewritable DVD+RW discs.


The drive doesn’t pull its punches with CD either, offering 48x CD burning and 24x rewritable burning.

Plextor also offers its ‘Intelligent Recording’ technology to ensure the quality of reading and writing. This consists of:

• ‘AutoStrategy’ – a technology that selects the optimal writing method for the media.

• ‘Intelligent tilt’ controls the laser in three directions to compensate for disc imperfections

• ‘PowerRec’ – adjusts write-speed according to the quality of the media.

Other feautures include ‘VariRec’ which alters laser intensity to improve audio quality, and ‘GigaRec’ which can increase the storage capacity of a disc.

An 8MB memory buffer and ‘Buffer Underrun Proof’ technology ensure that discs are reliably created whatever else the PC is doing. The software bundle in the retail package includes Plextor’s Plextools and a number of full and trial version is software from Ahead, Pinnacle, Cyberlink, Sonic and Ulead.


The drive will be available from the end of October and will cost £105 including VAT. In addition Plextor offers a two-year Collect & Return warranty. The drive is available with either beige or black fascias.