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Plex News launches – offers something Netflix and Amazon don’t

Plex has launched Plex News, a service that offers up video news from “some of the most trusted sources on the planet”.

In a bid to dominate even more of your time spent consuming content, Plex has launched a dedicated news platform that serves up videos from third-party sources like CNN, CBS, Euronews, and the Financial Times.

For the unaware, Plex is a media-streaming platform that lets you stream content you already own. The idea is that you load up a hard-drive or media server with movies, TV shows, or music, and then stream it to another device – like a smart TV. It’s like having your own personal Netflix, and it’s a hugely popular platform.

But Plex News is a clear signal that Plex wants to do much more than be a middle-man between your content and your screen. This is a bid to get you viewing content through Plex rather than more traditional media services like your cable television. It’s a great move, too; services like Netflix and Amazon Video have typically struggled to offer up news content, leaving a clear gap in the market for Plex to exploit.

Plex News

Credit: Plex

In a blog post, Plex wrote: “There’s so much amazing media available today that you’d be forgiven for taking in an entire season of Game of Thrones or the whole Marvel cinematic universe (once you figure out the order) without coming up for air.”

It continued: “But it turns out some pretty crazy stuff is happening every day in the real universe too, and we think it’s more important than ever to provide balanced news coverage from a variety of trusted and reliable sources.”

Plex added: “If Plex were a nutritious media breakfast, it’s kind of like eating your Wheaties. But with less carbs. Those things will kill you.”

Plex boasts that it now has over 190 global publisher partners (and growing), and can offer local news coverage for over 80% of markets in the USA. It’s also promised that there’s “regional content for many other countries”, with new sources expected to be added over time.

News for Plex will be rolling out to all Plex users over the next 48 hours, kicking off with Plex Pass subscribers. It will be supported on Android TV, Apple tV, Roku, Android Mobile, and iOS.

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