Plex DVR just killed ads and the world is suddenly a better place

Plex has given its DVR service some quiet fine-tuning that allows the recorder software to automatically strip out adverts from recorded TV and media.

Just released, the new DVR feature will require a Plex Pass subscription to the multimedia management and streaming service software, but it throws some bug fixes into the mix as well.

Prices start at $4.99 or £3.99 per month and go up to $149.99 or £94.99 for a lifetime’s use.

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Advert snipping will need to be manually activated in the settings, but once done, the Plex DVR will automatically remove any adverts from recorded content – provided said content isn’t broadcast through an encrypted channel.

This bypasses the irritating need to fast-forward through adverts. Anyone who watches a lot of American TV will realise how prolific such adverts are and how immersion breaking they can be when viewing a film or dramatic HBO series.

There’s a small caveat, mind – the advert removal feature has the potential to hog computer resources.

“This process may take a long time and cause high CPU usage. The portion of your recordings detected as commercials will be completely removed from your video files,” noted Plex’s description of the ad removal feature.

However, this may be a something many keen TV fans are willing to endure, particularly if they have a powerful PC setup as a Plex and DVR server.

And as many may agree, basically killing off annoying TV adverts almost makes the world a better place, so any minor subscription and PC performance costs could be worth it for Plex fans.

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