PlayStation VR may eventually offer PC suport

A senior figure at PlayStation has said the firm’s new PSVR headset could one day be compatible with PC.

Miyasoto Ito, SCE’s senior VP told Nikkei (translated by PC Gamer), that the shared components between PC and PS4 could enable Sony to expand the experience beyond the console.

While no announcements are imminent, Miyasoto suggested there’s likely to be an expansion at some point in the future.

He reportedly said: “Since PlayStation 4 shares a lot of its components with PCs, the possibility is there.

“At the moment we are focused on games and we are not ready to make any announcements at this stage, but I’d say there will be an expansion into various fields.”

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The PlayStation VR is currently in pre-order in both the US and the UK, with eager punters quickly snapping up supplies.

The headset itself will begin shipping on October 31 either as a standalone unit or in a bundle containing two Move controllers and the PlayStation Camera.

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Both options are expected to do exceptionally well, with Sony promising a convenient  and high quality experience for the 36 million plus PS4 owners around the world.

Sony’s solution does represent a compromise over the high end Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, both of which require a high-end gaming PC to function.


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