PlayStation Store To See April Revamp

Much needed by some accounts.

Sony’s PlayStation store has a reputation among some of the gaming community as being somewhat lacking. Whether that claim holds any validity or not is rather a moot point, because during this month the store is scheduled to see a refresh, assuming someone at Sony didn’t jump the gun on April Fool’s day – which is unlikely as news of this refresh was leaked nigh on a month ago.

As part of the refresh process Sony is saying that there will be a downtime of about two weeks while the technical folks work their magic. No account information, such as wallet balance, purchased games and content and so forth will be lost.

Supposedly the new design will group content into categories better than the current (previous?) store, making finding downloads much easier. A “dynamic” new user interface is also boasted, although in what form this dynamism will come is anyone’s guess at the moment.

For the two weeks during which the store is offline there will be no new content update, although back catalogue content will apparently still be available. All that remains, then, is to wait and see what mid-April brings.

SCEE press release.

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