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PlayStation Now pricing potentially revealed

The PlayStation Now pricing may have just been inadvertently revealed by some promotional images.

Concept artwork posted on the official Gaikai website has potentially revealed the pricing plans for the PlayStation Now streaming service.

Gaikai, the PlayStation Now developers, offered up a UI on the official website listed some game rental price points.

According to the image, Sony could charge up to $6 (approx. £4) for renting individual games form the service.

Games listed on Gaikai’s PlayStation Now image suggests Uncharted 3 will cost $5.99 and Far Cry 3 $4.99 to stream in their entirety.

Strangely, The Last of Us is listed as $49.99 to buy outright, so it seems you’ll be able to buy and rent games using PlayStation Now.

Now bear in mind that these may simply be placeholder text, but when contacted Sony refused to comment either way on the spotted image.

Gaikai has since removed the image from its website entirely, which could suggest there’s some truth to the rumours.

PlayStation Now was unveiled at CES 2014 and will enable you to initially stream PS3 games to your PlayStation devices and Sony Bravia TVs.

The US PlayStation Now beta testing stage is currently underway and will launch in full sometime in the summer.

Rumour has it that the service won’t arrive in the UK until Q1 2015.

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Via: CVG