PlayStation Network Racks Up 20 Million Registered Users

Four million of which are using Home.

If you want to consider sign-ups to Sony and Microsoft’s respective on line services as evidence when deciding which is doing better, then take not: PSN registrations have now passed the 20 million mark.

This figure, which is up from 17 million in January, includes PS3, PSP and PC sign-ups. According to Sony four million of those users are using Home – doing what, I have no idea – and 2.6 million PS3 users are ‘enjoying’ Life with PlayStation.

Xbox Live, conversely, currently has in the region of 17 million users – around half of which are Gold (read: worth having) subscribers – so by weight of shear numbers Sony is the clear winner. However, direct comparison isn’t really appropriate as Sony offers its PSN service for free, whereas Microsoft charges (in the UK) some £40 a year for XBL Gold membership.

Not, I hasten to add, that Sony isn’t profiting from PSN users. Sony says it has seen 380 million downloads from the PlayStation Store, generating over $180 million (~£124 million) in revenue. Of those 380 million downloads a large proportion will, obviously, be free demos, images, at so forth, but that’s still a fair few purchases of LittleBigPlanet costumes and Riff: Everyday Shooter.


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