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PlayStation App announced – stream games from PS4 to your smartphone

Sony has announced PlayStation App, a smartphone application that utilises its forthcoming PS4 console for a number of advanced features.

The app, which Sony announced recently at the Tokyo Game Show, is designed as a companion to the company’s next generation games console. As such, PlayStation App is set for the wider iOS and Android platforms rather than being limited to Sony’s own mobile efforts such as the Sony Xperia Z1.

PlayStation App can be used as a second screen for additional elements in PS4 games, in much the same way as Microsoft’s equivalent Xbox SmartGlass app.

You can also monitor your friends’ PS4 activity and send direct messages through the app. The app enables you to initiate multiplayer matches, view gaming broadcasts and the like. You’ll even be able to use your smartphone as a controller for certain PS4 games.

Of course, support for this feature will largely be determined by third party developers, but you can expect to see Sony’s own considerable in-house efforts utilising the power of mobile in some interesting ways. Knack, for example, will enable you to sketch out a figure on your touchscreen device and send it into the game to be turned into a 3D model.

Most interestingly of all, though, is the fact that this connected relationship works both ways. The PS4 can also be used to serve your mobile phone.

Through the PlayStation App, your PS4 can be used as a server to stream mobile games to your phone. You won’t have to download the games to your device, which will be a relief to anyone hitting their device’s storage limit.

There’s no news on availability of the PlayStation App as yet, so keep an eye out for it around the time of the PS4’s November launch.

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Via: Eurogamer