Playstation 3 TV Officially Launched

Gets the less-than-inspired name of PlayTV, but otherwise sounds promising.

I reported at the beginning of the month that the PS3 may well be getting a TV tuner upgrade soon and lo and behold I was right. As appropriate for such a powerful media, sorry gaming, machine the add-on, dubbed PlayTV, will have twin digital tuners, a 7-day programmable EPG and most interestingly can be controlled remotely using a PSP using the RemotePlay feature.

The latter feature should work similarly to the service already offered by Sky on your mobile phone and in my estimation is a great addition. As per any other DVR, PlayTV offers the ability to pause and record live TV and will allow you to record to the hard drive while watching, say, Jeeves and Wooster.

As with many high-end DVR devices PlayTV will, perhaps obviously, allow you to save to external hard drives over USB and as it uses the PS3 hard drive, offers as much free space as available there to use. Availability is slated for early 2008 and Sony is currently not giving any pricing information. We would expect it to be somewhat cheaper than the stand-alone rivals though.

While I must admit being puzzled initially at the likely mass appeal for such an add-on for the PS3, I have to admit the temptation to buy one is almost as great as my desire for a TV worthy of the console.

Sony press release

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