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Playable Gran Turismo 6 demo confirmed for PS3 gamers

The first playable Gran Turismo 6 demo has been confirmed for release, with Sony announcing the PS3 teaser will land on July 2.

Confirmed just days ahead of the 2013 Silverstone Formula 1 GP, the Gran Turismo 6 demo will be the first time fans of the iconic racing sim will be able to take to the hallowed tarmac of the infamous British race circuit. Having missed all past iterations of the game, Silverstone is set to appear in GT6 for the first time.

Announcing the imminent Gran Turismo 6 demo arrival, Sony has stated: “The demo is structured as a GT Academy-style driver training concept.” The Japanese gaming giant went on to add that those looking to enter this year’s GT Academy, a racing competition that takes gamers from their consoles to real race cars, must set qualifying laps through the GT6 demo.

“The GT6 demo will guide players through beginner rounds of a GT Academy-themed race camp before unlocking the final qualifying event featuring the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit, making GT Academy equally accessible to Gran Turismo novices and experts alike,” an official Sony spokesperson stated. “Anyone who registers and submits a qualifying time will receive free bonus content.”

Reassuring gamers not intent on a future racing career that the demo will be made available for all, Sony added: “The demo will remain available to play even after the competition concludes until Aug. 31 and is open to all Gran Turismo fans, including gamers who do not wish to enter the 2013 GT Academy contest.”

With a Gran Turismo 6 demo to touch down on July 2, Sony recently confirmed the next instalment to the much loved racing franchise will launch later this year. Set to miss out on the upcoming PS4 at launch, a Gran Turismo 6 release date is currently no more precise that Q4 2013.

Further teasing the eagerly awaited title, Sony last week announced that a Gran Turismo 6 Anniversary Edition will be made available to avid gamers, with a copy of the game being bundled with an array of extras. While the game is to land in a steelbook casing, those pluming for the special edition release will also benefit from custom liveries, in-game credits and 20 exclusive cars.

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Via: CVG