The Google Pixel 3’s two front-facing cameras could be for “super selfies”

At this point, Google’s next Pixel event will be more of a recap than a reveal. The Google Pixel 3 leaks have come so thick and fast that pretty much nothing has been left to the imagination –  and all for a phone that doesn’t even officially exist yet.

The latest revelation concerns the two front-facing cameras spotted in numerous leaks. These are extra confusing, because while the phone appears to have two on the front, it only has one on the back. So what gives? According to a new 9to5Google report, the answer is “super selfies”.

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The two cameras, the report explains, will not only give Google better depth information, but aid different styles of selfie. One of the two lenses will be there for wide-angle shots, while the other will have a more traditional narrow field of view.

The idea, apparently, seems to be that by mixing wide and narrow lenses, you can take a selfie that gives the most flattering portrait or one that easily takes in a whole group.

It’s still slightly odd that Google is giving the front-facing camera a second lens when the rear and – for most people – more important camera only has one. But then you’re able to fit larger sensors on the back, so this may just be Google’s way of bringing the superb photography the Pixel series is known for to the front.

The report also suggests that Google will be featuring new face retouching modes including ‘natural’ and ‘soft’. If you’ve ever seen an Instagram selfie so sandblasted it looks like the person’s skin is made of silk, you’ll know why this could be a game changer for those who document their life via the selfie cam.

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Google has rightly got an excellent reputation for providing some of the best cameras in the business. With the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Huawei P20 Pro pushing it hard in the photography stakes in 2018, it’ll be interesting to see what other tricks Google has up its sleeve to keep a hold of the crown when the device is finally in our hands. If history is any guide, that’ll likely to be in October.

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