Pioneer Announces Last Kuro Manufacture

3,000 final TVs to be made. Grab one while you can!

Pioneer has announced the cut-off date for Kuro manufacture: after the 1st of April, only four TVs will stay in manufacture and then only until 3,000 units are produced. The non-two-subtle underlying message? If you want a Kuro, buy one now.

The final Kuro’s to be made will be the KRP-600A, KRP-600M, KRP-500A, KRP-500M. the M, as you may know, differing from the A in that the TVs’ tuners are integrated, rather than sitting in a separate box.

The announcement also firms up Pioneer’s commitment – at least in Japan – to offer after-sales support to Kuro owners. Pioneer says it keeps stock of replacement parts for eight years so I can’t see any Kuro owner having a problem getting a broken unit fixed. I guess if enough Kuro’s break there might be problems with replacement stock, but that seems unlikely at worst.

Now if I can just sort out that loan…