PhotoVu Unveils 22in Digital Photo Frame

Absolutely monstrous!

We’ve already reviewed 7in and 9in digital photo frames and earlier this year I brought you news of a whopping 15 incher, but they all pale into insignificance compared to this…

Leaving Kodak, Samsung, Toshiba et al in the dust is PhotoVu which has announced the world’s first ”22 inch” model. Dubbed the ‘PV2265w’, it features a 1680 x 1050 native resolution and 16:10 widescreen format capable of displaying up to 16m colours.

A 300 cd/m2 brightness is also impressive, though the quoted 1000:1 contrast ratio may mean photos are hard to see in direct sunlight. Getting your snaps up onto the PV2265w however should be a snap with its integrated WiFi connectivity and a USB 2.0 port. The model also features onboard software which can resize images up to an incredible 20.1 megapixels (5616 x 3744).

Interestingly, the PV2265w also carries its own IP address meaning all settings such as slideshow options and power management can be accessed from any web browser (WEP/WPA security is available). This isn’t all though, PhotoVu has built Apple iPhoto and Google Picassa support into the display so it can sync with the collections of any connected PC. Beyond this, online sites such as Flickr and Google Picassa Web Albums also work and even iPhoto 6 and SmugMug Photocasts over RSS therefore updating your display content automatically.

Finally, beautifying the whole thing are a wide selection of custom frames from standard mouldings to Larson-Juhl designer ranges all in a variety of materials.

Naturally enough, this groundbreaking tech doesn’t come cheap. The PV2265w has a $1,299 RRP (approx £650) and for that kind of money you could almost buy a 42in 1080p HDTV like LG’s 42LF66 and put your photos through there. That said, life is all about choice and now you have another one…

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