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Take your phone case to the next level with these extendible metal prongs

A German engineering student has designed a next-generation phone case which protects your handset from fall damage by extending a set of eight metal prongs. 

Personally, we’re pretty satisfied by the protection offered by regular phone cases, but if you’re especially accident prone you might want to give this prototype, spotted by DesignBoom, a look.

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The case works by sensing when the phone is in freefall, at which point it will deploy the prongs.

The student who designed the case, Philip Frenzel, is planning on launching the case on Kickstarter next month. As with all Kickstarters though, there’s no guarantee that the project will be seen through to its conclusion. Buyers beware.

Prongs in your pocket

Although we’ve seen a variety of ultra-rugged phone cases over the years, this is the first time we’ve seen anything quite like this.

It seems like a decent enough idea, but we’re curious to see how sensitive the fall-detection is. Will we find those metal prongs being deployed in our pocket the next time we jump down the last few steps on a staircase? Are they going to accidentally deploy and prevent us from catching a phone as it slips out of our grasp?

We have many questions, but few answers so far. We’ll be very interested in testing the phone case out for ourselves to see what kinds of falls it can withstand.

Do you find you need a rugged phone case, or do you throw caution to the wind and use a ‘naked’ handset? Let us know @TrustedReviews.