Philips Simplicity Showcase 2007 – Part Two

Wonder what the NHS of your dreams might look like...

So while we now know our hotel rooms will be incredible, what about our healthcare….?

Room two of our three room tour was dubbed the ‘Ambient Healing Space’ – and was a stunning example of hospital care in the future (in the case of the NHS – the ”very far future”). Like the Daylight Concept, the aim was to improve the user experience and psychological wellbeing.

As you can see from the shots above, the main stunning centrepiece for this hospital room of the future is the interactive room divider with bi-functional display. One side relays medical information to the doctor, the other shows it in digestible form to the patient along with beaming in messages of support and images from friends and family.

Not only this, but when night or day arrives the divider also dims or brightens to automatically ease rest and waking. Yes, I want one too.

On top of this is the two level bed which switches between a lowered ‘private mode’ for rest and a higher ‘clinical mode’ for examination. A lack of legs also makes for straightforward cleaning.

Finally, an ingenious ‘Body Sensing Blanket’ monitors the patient’s vitals letting them move naturally without the restriction of wires and cables. It almost makes the idea of getting ill quite appealing…

Our last room was ‘Celebrating Pregnancy’ and Philips had come up with a check-up room where the mother could be scanned using a combination of an imaging belt and a scanner built into the chair to create a full three dimensional visualisation of the baby on the opposite wall.

From here the doctor can examine the baby and also rotate and pivot the visualisation to point out development to the parents. Comparisons can also be made between the different trimesters transitioning previous scans.

At the end of the check up a small portable device can be given to the parents too which displays the baby’s 3D image for family and friends and even records its sounds from the womb.

Aside from the three room tour Philips also walked us down a ‘Philips High Street’ where we could see its existing range of products (including the stunning Aurea HDTV which I controversially outed back in June}).

In all then while companies like Samsung and LG offer an increasingly broad range of products, none can still match the diversity of Philips and while such concepts may be futuristic, I’d be surprised if we don’t see at least a few of them in the next 10 years.

Personally speaking, I can’t wait for the company’s Showcase 2008 already, but perhaps a little more future focused consumer tech next time eh Philips…

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