Philips Simplicity Showcase 2007 – Part One

This year brings a focus on health and wellbeing.

You’ll have likely spotted that we’re big fans of Philips here at TrustedReviews, its TVs are regularly excellent, radios superb, digital photoframes impressive and even its streaming audio line is getting there, so it is with great expectation each year that we look forward to its Simplicity Showcase.

Held at the venerable Earls Court Exhibition Centre, 2007’s event was themed around Health and Wellbeing and while these may not seem like traditional TR areas they still provide a stunning glimpse of future tech heaven.

I’ll be breaking this report into two parts and will concentrate this part of the report on the Wellbeing section.

The ‘Daylight Concept’ is the hotel room we all dream of (and with our regular travelling ”lust after”).

It aims to address anxiety and fatigue with three fantastic approaches, most impressive of which was the ‘Daylight Windows with Personal Mood Setting’. This linguistically elongated system lets guests control the amount and colour of light that filters through their windows and works simply by sweeping a hand gesture in close proximity to the left for less light and to the right for more.

Beyond just darkening the room however the guest can choose natural shapes such as the silhouetted form of leaves and trees to leave natural chinks of light and a simple gesture of the hand up or downwards will alter the shade of the light between warm reds and cooler blues.

Naturally enough, when it comes to sleeping and waking, these windows can then automatically dim or lighten the room at a time of your choosing while those afflicted with jetlag (haven’t we all been…) can sit on their wide ledges to be treated to a soothing and reinvigorating light sensory treatment.

In sum, photos don’t do this remarkable room justice and while it may be a number of years before commercial roll-out it is with great satisfaction that I now know what we have to look forward to… or, on the other hand, suffer through realisation of what we lack.

Next health…