Philips Cinema 21:9 HDTV Gets Price & Launch Date

So just how bad is the damage...?

There’s no way you can’t lust after the Philips 21:9 Cinema TV, especially after our preview but today we can tell you how strong those desires are going to have to be…

In order to stagger the shock/draw out the information let’s break this up into two categories for what could well prove an industry changing television.

”’1. Availability”’

This is the good part (yes, I’m sending preparatory vibes) as Philips has admitted the 21:9 will be available as soon as June – little over three months away for those of you who’ve noticed we’re near the end of February. So get saving.

”’2. Price”’

Here’s the tricky one because – and here I blame the exchange rates – it’s going to be 4,000 euros. Now could we turn the clocks back 12/18 months that would be in the £2.7/2.9k range but sadly in this banker made recession of ours that now translates to north of £3,500. On the other hand – and I say this with some reservation: ”it could have been worse”.

So if you’ve still got the cash to splash on a 56in behemoth designed to recreate your local cinema aspect ratios then feel free to start rubbing your hands with glee. Everyone else feel free to hunt down these people and set the hounds loose…

”’Update:”’ Official 21:9 website now up and running and the stunning clown masked robbers/police battle promotional video is worth the price of admission on its own…

Cinema 21:9 Press Page

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