Philips Announces 2009 TV Range

More televisions than you could shake a big stick at.

Philips’ abstinence from CES attendance this year was a might puzzling, but fears that there might be a shrinking of its product ranges to correspond with its diminished trade show presence are far from realised. In fact, its annual product review in Lisbon has seen the unveiling of more Philips’ product than ever, starting with TVs. Of which there are a lot.

Kicking off at the top of the range there’s the 9700-series, in 40in, 46in and 52in sizes boasting 5,000,000:1 (dynamic) contrast ratios using local dimming. This generation packs an extra two rows of LED segments than Philips’ previous LED-lit sets – such as the 42PFL9803H – which should mean even better results especially coupled with Philips’ latest Perfect Pixel HD engine for image processing and, of course these being Philips TVs, Ambilight; Spectra 3 to be specific.

Stepping down a notch we have the 9600-series, split further into the 9664 and 9604 series, the former boasting 42in and 47in, 200Hz panels with the latter offering 100Hz 37in and 32in options. Stats otherwise are the same, with 80,000:1 contrast ratios, Ambilight Spectra 2 and a generous five HDMI ports.

Another step down is the 8000-series. Panel sizes from 32in up to 47in are available, image processing comes courtesy Philips’ Pixel Precise HD engine – which is slightly less sophisticated than Perfect Pixel HD – and contrast ratios are a claimed 80,000:1 contrast ratio.

Both Philips’ 8000 and 9000 series boast DLNA streaming over Ethernet, with the 9000-series also offering WiFi. That network connectivity is also used for another addition to both these series, called NetTV. Like other manufacturers’ more recent sets, this allows access to internet-hosted information. However, while the main NetTV interface promotes quick access to TV-geared content, any website can be viewed with the customised Opera-based browser – although unsurprisingly so content, such as flash video, won’t work as the required plug-ins aren’t available.

Moving down to the 7000-series panel sizes range from 32 to 52in, again in Full HD resolutions. 80,000:1 contrast ratios, Pixel Precise HD processing, and a quartet of HDMIs.

Last but not least, the most budget-orientated of Philips’ TVs, the 5000 series offers Pixel Plus HD processing, sizes of 32in to 52in with Full HD resolutions in addition to a 720p 32in set and 50Hz refresh rates.

UK pricing is yet to be announced, but will doubtless be heavily influenced by the ever-worsening Euro exchange rates.


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