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Periscope no longer requires a Twitter account

Periscope, the live streaming video app owned by Twitter, no longer requires a Twitter account to operate.

A fresh update for the Periscope app has removed the need to log into it using an existing Twitter account. This means that you can broadcast live video without so much as touching the very social network that owns the Periscope service.

If you’re not a Twitter member, you can now use Periscope simply by inputting your phone number at login.

Naturally, Twitter continues to recommend that you login using your Twitter account. It’s through this that Twitter can use your social graph to find new people to follow.

As an interesting side-note, it’s this very social graph access that Twitter blocked chief Periscope rival Meerkat from having a couple of months ago, to much controversy. Meerkat, for its part, has recently turned to Facebook for its social network connection needs.

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The Periscope team outline these changes to its app on a recent Medium post. Alongside the headline addition, it’s now possible to change your profile picture direct from your camera or camera roll.

It’s also now easier to reply directly to broadcast commenters. At the other end of the scale, when you block a commenter, it now appears more clearly that you have done so.