Pentax Steadies DSLRs

Ups the megapixels, reduces the shudder.

We’re all fans of nice DSLRs and Pentax has long been making many of the best of em, so when it announced to two new models we decided to take a look.


The K100D and K110D are the latest off a highly respected production line and both boast 6.1 megapixels though the former adds the company’s CCD oscillating Shake Reduction (SR) technology to remove blur from photos taken under difficult shooting conditions (such as low light, full zoom or when running for your life from a rampaging rhinoceros whilst on an African safari that went horribly wrong).

Apart from this, parity returns to the range with both sporting K-mount lenses, ISO sensitivity from 200 to a massive 3200, 2.5in LCDs and an SMC Pentax DA lens with hefty 12x zoom. PictBridge compatibility goes without saying and that anti-shake technology is clearly weightless since the two models each tip the scales at 635g with their batteries loaded.

The K110D will ship in July and we know the Yanks will get it for $699. As for the K100D it won’t arrive until August for $599, thus clearly pushing impatient enthusiasts towards the higher end model.

Now will someone please explain to me why you would brand the entry level design as the K110D and the high ender as the K100D?!

Pentax UK

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