Pebble Time Round on sale November 8

Pebble announced the Time Round – its first circular smartwatch – back in September, with an on-sale date of “early November”. But now it’s given us a concrete date. You’ll be able to buy the Time Round at Best Buy and Target in the US from Sunday, the same day that it starts shipping internationally to anyone who pre-ordered.

It will also be available to buy from Amazon, and

As well as being the firm’s first round model, the Time Round takes the prize for the world’s thinnest and lightest smartwatch. It’s just 7.5m thin and weighs just 28g. So you could well forget you’re wearing it.

It features an e-paper screen that uses less power than other smartwatches and is more visible in bright sun. It also has Pebble’s timeline interface – this presents your appointments and alerts like calls and messages in chronological order, so you can scroll forward to see what’s coming up, or back to see who called or messaged you, and which meetings you’ve been to. Or should’ve been to.

It’s a unique way of doing things, and doesn’t isolate calls and messages into their respective apps.

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At £229, it’s pricier than the Pebble Time, but the same price as the Time Steel. And it’s some £70 cheaper than the most affordable Apple Watch. It comes in two band sizes (14mm and 20mm) and in three finishes: black, silver and rose gold. A range of bands are also available, and take just seconds to swap in.

The Time Round is the firm’s first model that wasn’t funded through Kickstarter. The original Pebble became the most-crowdfunded project ever, and its follow-up, the Pebble Time, broke all records, raising over $20 million.


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