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Pebble Time pre-orders to start on June 22 for non-Kickstarter backers

The first Pebble Time smartwatches started shipping yesterday, May 27, and for those of you who didn’t back the device’s Kickstarter campaign, we’ve got some good news.

With backers now started to receive the Apple Watch rival, Pebble has confirmed that the wider world will be able to pre-order the techy timepiece starting June 22.

It is currently unclear how long it will take for these general pre-orders to turn into shipped devices, however.

Although the first Pebble Time units have started the long road to backers, the manufacturer has suggested many won’t receive estimated shipping times until mid-June.

One of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns to date, the Pebble Time secured a staggering $20,338,986 (£13.3m) from 78,471 backers during the month long funding drive.

The device was quickly backed up by the more premium, metal-clad, Pebble Time Steel.

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Featuring a slimmer, more refined design than the original Pebble smartwatch, the Time has moved to a colour E-Ink display while retaining its 5-7 predicted battery life.

Having ditched its predecessor’s eight app restriction, the Pebble Time will be supported by a new companion app.

“The new mobile apps, dubbed Pebble Time Watch, will let you set up and manage Pebble Time when it arrives,” an official Pebble spokesperson announced recently.

“It’s also where you’ll find the Pebble appstore to get new colour and Timeline-ready apps or browse for watchapps you already know and love.”