PC World Cracks £300 Notebook Barrier (for a nanosecond)

UPDATE: Sounds too good to be true, after developments this afternoon, it IS...

It has been said many times that the laptop market will follow the desktop market and take a plunge in prices. Well, this looks to be it.

The Packard Bell E6100 is out today for £290 ”including VAT” at PC World. Now this is damn impressive and I figure if it turns on then that’s a bonus, but Hell’s Bells it is actually a pretty decent system.

At the heart of the E6100 is an AMD Sempron 2600+ processor and 256MB of DDR RAM. Storage space is ample too with a 40GB hard drive installed and get this: it’s got a DVD re-writer. There is a 15.1in display (no resolution is quoted, but at this price who cares?), 64MB integrated S3 UniChrome graphics, modem, Ethernet, a copy of Windows XP Home and 12 month warranty.


You may want to add wireless connectivity to this or boost the RAM a little but that can be done fairly cheaply these days and, importantly, you can do it when your cash flow allows.

Of course, Dell was the first big name manufacturer with a direct sales model to last week crack the £400 barrier when it announced the smart £399 (excluding VAT) 110L. So it’s good to see end user stores competing so quickly.

In all, the E6100 appears to be an ideal first laptop, so if you are a bit strapped for cash, but fancy getting into mobile computing check it out today where it goes on sale at stores nationwide as part of PC World’s Collect@Store programme (order on the web/arrange a time to pick it up from the store: think Indian/Chinese/Thai/Pizza/Fish n Chips Take Away!) for this breakthrough price.

Hey, even if you don’t need it, you could probably pawn it for a profit?! Grab em while they’re hot people!

”’Important Update:”’

Sorry to be a party pooper folks, I certainly didn’t want to be a tease, but we’ve had contact from readers who have tried to order this laptop only to be told it is being limited to a measly 250 units ”nationwide”. This fact was not made clear to us when we were notified of the deal a day in advance. We’ve tried to pin down PC World on this omission but, as of yet, we’ve had no replies to our enquiries. When we hear more, you’ll hear more…

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