PC World And Orange Pull Free Laptop Deal

Really was too good to be true.

Some things are too good to last, and it appears that the deal offered by PC World and Orange to provide free laptops with Orange broadband contracts was one of them. From the information available at the time we weren’t aware that the deal was going to be a temporary affair.

Alas, no comment was forthcoming from either Orange or PC World, so we’re currently unsure why the offer was retracted. Speculation is rife however, with many calling the offer a short-term publicity stunt. Certainly Orange could do with some good publicity, especially with a customer satisfaction rating of 65 per cent on comparison site uSwitch.

Whatever reasons PC World and Orange have, at least you can still get over to the Carphone Warehouse in order to satiate your free laptop cravings – although this now actually is listed as a limited offer.

PC World offer page.

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