Parrot Launches Minikit+ Bluetooth Hands-Free Speaker

Parrot has announced the Minikit+, a Bluetooth hands-free

speaker for your car which is able to handle two phones simultaneously as well

as reading out your text messages and SatNav directions.

The Minikit+ is the latest version of its Bluetooth speaker line

we first saw way back in 2006. The new version of the speaker adds quiet a few

features, most notably the ability to pair with two handsets at once thanks to Dual

Mode multipoint technology (in fact up to 10 phones can be paired with the

device at once).

The Minikit+ lets the driver choose one main telephone out

of the two connected and the device associates different ring tones to each –

which is a neat solution. It will automatically synchronise its phonebook with

the connected mobile phones, and can store up to 2,000 contacts.

                                    Parrot Minikit

As with all Parrot hands-free systems, the Minikit+ is

compatible with all brands of Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and smartphone on

the market. Answering a call is just a matter of saying “answer” without the

need to take your hands off the wheel.

Parrot’s TextFriendly service will let users hear their text

messages and emails read out through the speaker rather than reading them while driving.

To use the TextFriendly service you’ll need to subscribe and register the

number of the service in your phonebook. It will even let you dictate emails or

text messages as you drive using your voice.

The Parrot Minikit+ also lets you stream music located on your

phone using the A2DP Bluetooth profile as will as listening to SatNav

directions from apps on your phone.

The Minikit+ is designed to be attached to your sun visor

and is fitted with a vibration sensor which detects when the car door opens

and automatically switches on and reconnects to remembered phones.

The Parrot Minikit+ will be available from November costing