Paris Apple Expo The Big One?

Dusty product ranges lead to rumours of multiple spit and polishes...

With an Apple Expo on the horizon the rumour mill brigade is already up and running…

9to5Mac is first off the mark suggesting it has inside information that the company’s next generation iPod nanos will have a screen that takes up roughly half its facia and will come in lighter colours than before.

The new nanos are also rumoured to be square (presumably to fit a larger screen) with video capabilities though still relying on the tried and trusted touchwheel. If true, the models would be extremely welcome in a space where Apple has found itself lagging behind rivals Creative, Samsung, Sony and SanDisk in terms of innovation and functionality, if not sales figures.

Of course I would throw my hat in to suggest the long rumoured touchscreen iPod – possibly to be known as the ‘iPod Touch’ – is also a major Expo announcement possibility as well as a pan-European iTunes movie downloads deal.

Finally, dare I say it, operator details for ”that handset” of theirs may be detailed as well, but surely we can expect this increasingly weary saga to be concluded before then? (If not I may attempt suicide with my own keyboard – tricky, but do-able).

Ultimately however whatever Apple has in store for us it needs to get its act together. Other than the iPhone, Job’s lot haven’t offered a significant new iPod in nearly two years…

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