Pantech Replaces Slider Keypad With 2nd LCD

A novel approach or something rather silly?

While the idea of handsets sporting dual screens isn’t exactly new, I’ve never seen it done in this way before…

The ‘IM-R200’ from Korean innovators (and sometimes imitators) Pantech is a slider with a very noticeable difference: it dumps the keypad for another display.

Pantech argues that this makes the device far more flexible than a traditional slider since the screen can not only display a standard keypad but also adapt to show specialised text messaging keys, calculator buttons, game controls and more. Whether its in line for innovative Nintendo DS-like pieces of software however is more debatable.

Elsewhere the IM-R200 will a 2MP camera with autofocus, multimedia player with 3D sound, 116MB of onboard memory and a microSD expansion slot.

Sadly – as I’m sure you’ve all guessed by now – this is a Korean only handset, but whatever Korea does today someone brings over to Europe in three years time.

As the phrase goes: Korea sneezes and the rest of the world runs screaming to Nuclear bunkers…