Pantech Makes iPod Phone

Apple could do a lot worse than copy this.

You may remember Pantech from my CeBIT mobile phone coverage. You may also remember the wonderful iPhone fanboy art I published in frustration after the first ROKR launch. Mix the two together and we’ve got one heck of an exciting handset.

From the outside this slider bares more than a passing resemblance to an iPod nano (major good thing). It’s called the PG-3600V and like its Apple sibling also has compact dimensions (102.3 x 46.6 x 17.9mm) and minimal weight (94.1g). The display is a large 1.9 inches and sports 260k colours while it is impossible to miss the ”iPod influenced” touch wheel (still the best audio control method on the market for my money).

Yet slide this little beauty open and it somewhat resembles Samsung’s incredibly popular D500/D600 models revealing a keypad and the usual call, hang up and clear buttons. So essentially we’ve got two cult devices in one, but each with separate proven control methods

As for the nitty gritty, there’s little to disappoint this MP3, AAC, AAC+ and WMA formats are all supported along with Mpeg4 recording and editing while stereo Bluetooth (wireless headphones anyone?) and a 1.3MP camera have made it inside.

The PG-3600V is no futuristic pipe dream either, it is heading for the Chinese market as we speak, but intriguingly Pantech has some history selling its kit for rebranding in Europe. I personally have strong hopes the PG-3600V makes it across because it’s everything I ever wanted to see from Apple’s proposed ‘iPhone’ just about 12 months ahead of schedule…


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